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Our Story

Giving Urgent Care Altitude

As you can imagine, the COVID pandemic completely transformed the landscape of healthcare and how it is delivered. Telehealth has emerged quickly as an efficient way to care for patients, both promptly and conveniently.

We are a team of ER providers and we love solving problems. The ER is a hectic place, well-known for its controlled chaos. It also happens to be our happy place, because we thrive on efficiency and speed. Patients appreciate these things as well, but they don't always get both, so we charted a course that would enable us to extend that higher level of care to you virtually. We strapped ourselves (and our ideas) into the cockpit and launched a telehealth platform that would address this problem; for you and us. That vision is what fueled the inception of jetMED. Come fly with us!

Why Choose jetMED's Virtual Urgent Care?

Risk-Free Virtual Urgent Care

No treatment? No payment! If you aren’t prescribed medication after your telehealth visit, you will be issued a full and immediate refund; no questions asked. Schedule your appointment online with confidence! We accept HSA cards and offer discounts to veterans, first-responders, military personnel, and college students.

Quick & Convenient Telehealth

Our unique patient-centered platform has been designed to be simple and efficient for YOU. Save yourself time and skip the trip to an Urgent Care! No need to submit unnecessary documentation for insurance or billing purposes. We can have you scheduled in minutes and prescribe treatment for you promptly!

Experienced Urgent Care Providers

Each of our providers are board-certified in Arizona & Utah and have extensive experience in both Urgent Care & Emergency Medicine. They prescribe responsibly and practice evidence-based medicine. We are confident you’ll love their friendly bedside manner and their quality care. Schedule with us and experience the difference!

The Problem

Overburdened Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms are tasked with treating anything and everything…from abdominal pain to lacerations or fractures. But what happens when you go there for a simple sore throat or bladder infection? It all depends on the day and the circumstances.

Patients with minor illnesses are often placed in a holding pattern due to the more emergent conditions and procedures the medical staff are trying to manage. These patients fall victim to the “triage” process, which is inevitable. Whoever is sicker gets seen quicker, and rightfully so. Everyone understands that. However, this often leads to excessive wait times for the patients with minor complaints. Our mission is to alleviate that burden and take care of those patients in a timely, more convenient manner.

Many patients are hesitant to seek care for minor illnesses in these traditional clinical settings because they’re unsure whether they will be prescribed medication, or if they even need a prescription at all!

These patients are often told their symptoms are due to a viral illness and that no treatment is necessary. That may very well be true and appropriate, but it can be frustrating! They leave disappointed, wishing they hadn’t wasted precious dollars on an Urgent Care or Emergency Room bill when they could have saved that money (not to mention the time spent in a crowded lobby full of other sick patients, the drive to and from the facility, etc.) and could have just stayed home. There’s a better way, and we can fix that. 

Our Solution

Welcome to the “jetMED” difference! Our interactive website utilizes symptom-checkers for specific conditions, asking the typical questions a medical provider would based on your symptoms. This process helps determine if your illness is likely due to a virus (which typically resolves in time with conservative care) or due to a bacterial infection (which typically requires antibiotics). This is all done conveniently and quickly via our platform. If you would like to be evaluated for potential treatment, we can get you scheduled promptly for a telehealth visit with one of our providers.

The best part? You only pay if you are scheduled an appointment and are prescribed medication! If we don’t treat you, you are issued a full refund immediately; no questions asked. We have carefully selected the most common complaints that are appropriate for a telehealth setting so we can treat you confidently and safely! 

Our Team

Who will be taking care of you? The very best! Each of our providers are board-certified in both Arizona & Utah, current on their national certifications, and have years of experience in both Urgent Care & Emergency Medicine. They will be evaluating you carefully and treating you appropriately. We are dedicated to practicing antibiotic stewardship, because antibiotics aren't always the answer.

Each clinician has been hand-picked by jetMED for their excellent bedside manner and their ability to provide superior care. We’re confident you’ll love them! Your appointment will be thorough and quick, and we can get you treated and feeling better in no time. That’s what we call High-Speed Telehealth!

We look forward to taking care of you!

Well Wishes,

-Your jetMED Team